Cumbria Music Service

About The Hub

We are a partnership that brings together organisations from across Cumbria and beyond to deliver the best music education for children and young people. We work together to create joined up, high quality music experience in and out of school, getting the most from government funding for music education for young people in Cumbria and to deliver the National Plan for Music Education. 

Cumbria Music Hub is funded by Arts Council England and led by Cumbria Music Service.

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Key Facts:

  • We work together to deliver the government’s aim that “every child [has] the opportunity to sing, play instruments, solo and in groups and to be able to take these skills further if they have the talent or inspiration.” (Arts Council England)
  • Music hubs were established in 2012 by the Arts Council as a new way of organising music education.
  • We are one of 121 Hubs across England. Find out more about music education hubs and see the government report Music in schools: what hubs must do