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Buy an Instrument

Buying an instrument can be a big investment, but having a suitable instrument to play makes a huge difference to the experience of learning and playing.

When you decide that it's the right time to buy, your teacher will be able to give good advice, and there are some ways to save money on your purchase

Cumbria Music Service Instrument Purchase Scheme

Save the cost of VAT when you buy an instrument through the CMS Instrument Purchase Scheme. This is available to students who have lessons with Cumbria Music Service, or who take part in a Cumbria Music Hub Group.

How does it work?

  • Find out from your child’s instrument teacher which instrument is most suitable
  • Let us know where you'd like to purchase your instrument (shop or website) and we'll confirm if they are one of our approved suppliers, or offer an alternative
  • Send us your details via the Online Instrument Purchase Form
  • We will invoice you for the cost of the instrument without VAT (plus an £18.50 admin fee)
  • You can pay us by cheque (Payable to Cumbria County Council) posted to Cumbria Music Service, St Michael's Centre, Station Road, Workington CA14 2UY or through CCC online payment page.
  • Once we've received your payment will will order your instrument and let you know when it has arrived
  • We'll arrange to deliver it to your school
  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions

    To comply with HM Custom and Excise guidelines 

     • The pupil must be receiving regular music lessons in school delivered by or on behalf of Cumbria Music Service and receiving full time education in a Cumbria LEA School. 
    • The instrument must be appropriate to the pupil’s needs, and must be used as part of their musical tuition. 
    • The instrument must be handed over to the pupil by the school or the music teacher in a teaching room. 
    • The instrument must be charged to the pupil at or below cost price (i.e. Non profit making). Note: The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme may be changed at any time to comply with current legislation.
    Instrument Purchase Form

    Take it Away

    If you're thinking of buying an instrument, Take it away offers interest-free loans for the purchase of musical instruments. Read their expert advice on how to buy a new instrument and kick start your music making journey 

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