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Lessons in School

Most schools in Cumbria offer a variety of opportunities to learn an instrument. One of our Core Roles is to ensure that every child aged five to 18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through whole-class ensemble teaching programmes:

First Access: is the whole class teaching programme through which all children should have their first experience of the enjoyment and reward of learning an instrument free of charge. 

Instrumental and vocal lessons: Most schools offer lessons in various instruments with visiting specialist music teachers. These lessons are usually in small groups. Speak to your school to find out which instruments they offer, how much they charge and who the teachers are.


Instrumental lessons with Music Services

Music Services (CMS) is the Lead Organisation for The Hub and delivers tuition in many schools around Cumbria.

  • Speak to your school to find out if lessons with CMS are available for your child
  • All our tuition is designed to meet Government requirements for schools as laid out in the National Curriculum (for KS 1/2, KS3), National Plan for Music Education and the new Model Music Curriculum
  •  Our teachers all have up-to-date DBS check 
  • We have a continuing programme of performance management and training, which ensures all our teachers are well-informed about regulatory issues, curriculum development, modern resources and ICT as well as expert tutors in their own instrument

If you have an enquiry about instrumental tuition that is not available in your school, please get in touch with us to see if we can help.

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CMS Services for Schools
every young person should be able to experience music and have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. This experience can build confidence and self-esteem and also helps raise the aspirations of what children and young people can achieve in all areas of their life.

- Veronica Wadley (Baroness Fleet), Chair of the Government's Music Education in England Review expert panel