Music Services

Music Education Hub Roles

We work as a partnership to achieve the vision of the National Plan for Music Education - to enable all children and young people to learn to sing, play an instrument and create music together, and have the opportunity to progress their musical interests, including professionally.

As a hub we work to ‘build a sustainable local eco-system for music education, through partnerships, with progression, access and inclusion central’, and to enable all children to access to ‘a broad musical culture’ through ‘expertise, instruments, technology and facilities they need to learn, create and share their music.’

3 Goals

1: All children and young people receive a high-quality music education in the early years and in schools

2: All music educators to work in partnership with children and young people’s needs and interests at their heart

3: All children and young people with musical interests and talents to have the opportunity to progress their interests and potential, including professionally

The power of music to change lives: a national plan for music education

The new Nation Plan for Music, published in 2022, sets out the DfE vision for music education and how this can be achieved through partnerships with schools, music hubs, the music and creative sector, and others.