Music Services

IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility

Cumbria Music Hub is committed to inclusive practice and to providing high-quality musical experiences and education for all young people in Cumbria.

Strategic Areas of Focus 2022-2026 

Strengthening the culture of inclusive practice within CMH - Embedding training in inclusion, unconscious bias and reflective practice - Developing and integrating pathways for Youth Voice and involving young people in decision-making across the Hub.

Building connections with Hub partners and organisations supporting young people - Developing diverse, accessible and high-quality progression pathways for all within and between Hub partners - Sharing knowledge and resources to understand and reduce barriers to musical participation.

Monitoring and evaluating inclusive practice - Integrating systems for monitoring engagement and progression - Identifying areas of under-representation and barriers to participation.

Inclusion-focused delivery projects - Developing new and existing programmes with inclusion at the forefront of the design and delivery - Development of projects in target areas and with specific groups of young people.

Inclusion Strategy 23-24

What does being musically inclusive involve?

Musically inclusive practice involves making sure young people's music is HEARD:

Holistic - placing emphasis on personal, social and musical outcomes

Equitable – people facing the biggest barriers receive the most support

Authentic - developed with and informed by the people we do it for

Representative – the people we work with as participants and colleagues reflect our diverse society

Diverse – all musical genres, styles, practices are valued equally 



Isobel Mortimer: Hub Lead for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Access