Music Services

IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility

Cumbria Music Hub is committed to inclusive practice and to providing high-quality musical experiences and education for all young people in Cumbria.

What does being musically inclusive involve?

Musically inclusive practice involves making sure young people's music is HEARD:

Holistic - placing emphasis on personal, social and musical outcomes

Equitable – people facing the biggest barriers receive the most support

Authentic - developed with and informed by the people we do it for

Representative – the people we work with as participants and colleagues reflect our diverse society

Diverse – all musical genres, styles, practices are valued equally 


Our focus areas for development for 2022-23 are:

Strengthening the culture of inclusive practice within Cumbria Music Hub and the Lead Organisation (Music Services)

Embedding training in inclusion, unconscious bias and reflective practice; sharing resources and building networks of inclusive practice


Building connections with partner providers and organisations supporting young people

Working in partnership to develop diverse, accessible and high-quality musical pathways for all young people in Cumbria; sharing knowledge and resources to understand and reduce barriers to musical participation


Developing our systems for monitoring and evaluating inclusive practice

Integrating systems for monitoring engagement and progression; using these to identify areas of under-representation and barriers to participation across the organisation. Developing and integrating pathways for Youth Voice and involving young people in decision-making across CMH

Inclusion-focused delivery projects (including the development of non-formal music provision)

Developing new and existing programmes with diversity, access and inclusion at the forefront of the design and delivery


Isobel Mortimer: Hub Lead for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Access


Inclusion Strategic Priorities: In 2021 Music Services, as lead for the CMH, commissioned an Inclusivity Review. This identified 12 Strategic Priorities for 2021-25. The strategy sets the foundations to build an inclusive music education culture where all children and young people are valued and recognised for their unique qualities, ideas, voices and perspectives and where they can see The Hub as providing a range of diverse and suitable musical opportunities and progression pathways. The review was jointly commissioned with More Music and carried out by Dr Phil Mullen