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Big Play KS2 2023

Big Play 2023 - We're All In This Together

Summer Term

March 2023 sees the return of our Big Play events across Cumbria, offering schools the opportunity to perform with other schools and to showcase their whole class and instrumental group work.

Schools are invited to take part in a half day workshop for First Access, whole class instrumental classes and school orchestras or large ensembles. Each school will perform their own pieces, listen to others perform and create music together in a mass ensemble.

Dates and Venues

Keswick ... 21 March

 Workington ... 22 March

Millom ... 23 March  

Barrow ... 23 March

Carlisle ... 27 March

Kendal ... 28 March

Eden, Penrith & Appleby ... 29 and 30 March

Big Play Resources


Barrow - Beth Billington 

Contact Beth

Workington and Millom   - Sarah Kekus

Contact Sarah

Appleby, Carlisle and Penrith - Kaytie Harding

Contact Kaytie
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We will provide children and schools with:

  • a safe environment for schools to play instruments together
  • an opportunity to perform to a wider audience 
  • the experience of being part of a large-scale performance
  • the chance to hear professional musicians playing their instruments .

How will it work on the day?

  • A half day afternoon workshop during the school day followed by a short sharing session for parents and friends at the end
  • Your school will prepare a set of pieces (around 5 minutes) to perform to the other schools taking part. 
  • We provide resources for joint songs/pieces that can be prepared before the workshop and we’ll work on these as a whole group. 
  • If you have First Access lessons with a Music Services teacher they will prepare the children for the workshop and guide them through the pieces on the day. 
  • You are responsible for organising children on the day and communicating details to parents.

What does the cost include?

The cost is £100 per group of 35

(Please contact your hub area leader if more or fewer numbers) 

  • resources –all the music and resources for the joint songs/pieces. 
  • any guidance and support you need before the event to prepare for the workshop.
  • ig Play workshop–we’ll arrange everything during the workshop so you can sit back and enjoy the experience!

The Big Play 2023 will also:

  • increase pupils’ performance skills
  • boost confidence
  • introduce children to musical performance
  • encourage children to work as a team

Big Play 2023 Evaluation

Event Evaluation form for participants.

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