Cumbria Sings: Wish

Cumbria Sings

Cumbria Sings brings together children, families and schools from all over Cumbria to join in our songs, and be part of our online videos.  We had a wonderful response to our  first song ‘It’s Ok (Please Just Say)’. We are inviting you to join in the second part of our Cumbria Sings Trilogy, featuring a song called ‘Wish’. As we come out of lockdown what are your wishes and dreams?


Listen to a clip of the Song:



How to take part:

  • Learn to sing the song, play your instrument or perform body percussion
  • Create and record a rap that could be used as an introduction to the song (see #MidweekMusic to find out out about creating your own rap)
  • Video your whole performance and upload here before 30th April 2021
  • We’ll collate your uploaded videos to create a YouTube video featuring our fantastic musicians from across Cumbria


Who can take part?

  • Whole classes in schools singing or playing, including First Access classes
  • School choirs
  • Instrumentalists – individuals or small groups. Parts for easy guitar, keyboard, strings, brass and woodwind are provided
  • Singers – individuals or small groups
  • Body percussion or drumming groups


Get started:

Register Here   for free access to the resources to learn the song.

This includes instrumental parts, backing tracks and lyrics. Registration for students at home must be completed by a parent/carer.

Visit #MidweekMusic  for additional activities, including how to compose a rap.

Upload Here   to share your recordings and videos by 30 April.

Recording Guidelines

  • Please use headphones when recording your song performance so we can hear just you and not the backing track.
  • If you have an external microphone, please use it.
  • Film in landscape mode if you are using a phone or tablet device.
  • Think about what will appear in the shot. Can we see you clearly?
  • Try to look at the camera lens and smile. Making eye contact will really engage.
  • Try to make the resolution of the video at least 720p but preferably 1080p
  • Make practice recordings so you are used to being filmed and let them listen and watch their practice performances as it will really help the end product
  • Give it your all!