Cumbria Sings: Celebration

Cumbria Sings

Cumbria Sings brings together children, families and schools from all over Cumbria to join in our songs, and be part of our online videos.  We had a wonderful response to our first two songs ‘Wish’ and ‘It’s Ok (Please Just Say)’. Now you can join in the third and final part of our Cumbria Sings Trilogy, featuring a song called Celebration by Kool & the Gang.





Listen to Celebration:


How to take part:

  • Learn to sing the song, play your instrument or perform body percussion
  • Video your whole performance and send it to us before 30th June 2021
  • We’ll collate your uploaded videos to create a YouTube video featuring our fantastic musicians from across Cumbria

Who can take part?

  • Whole classes in schools singing or playing, including First Access classes
  • School choirs
  • Instrumentalists – individuals or small groups. Parts are provided
  • Singers – individuals or small groups
  • Body percussion or drumming groups
  • Teachers and TAs we also need to see you having fun with this too. Please submit fun ‘mimed’ snippets of any part of the song for us to include on our video.


Get started:

Register Here   for free access to the resources to learn the song.

This includes instrumental parts, backing tracks and lyrics. Registration for students at home must be completed by a parent/carer.

Send us your videos:

Submit by 30 June
Upload Here

You can upload your videos of under 100mb here. If your video is larger you can share with us via to

Recording Guidelines

  • Please use headphones when recording your song performance so we can hear just you and not the backing track.
  • If you have an external microphone, please use it.
  • Film in landscape mode if you are using a phone or tablet device.
  • Think about what will appear in the shot. Can we see you clearly?
  • Try to look at the camera lens and smile. Making eye contact will really engage.
  • Try to make the resolution of the video at least 720p but preferably 1080p
  • Make practice recordings so you are used to being filmed and let them listen and watch their practice performances as it will really help the end product
  • Give it your all!