Cumbria Sings

Could you be one of our Cumbrian singing stars? You can help us to help other people by joining in our video – singing, signing, showing us or telling us about what activities you do to help make you feel better.

It’s OK (Please Just Say)

Singing helps us all to feel better; take part by learning the words or signing the song yourself so you can be part of the Cumbria Sings video:

Learn the song      Upload here


We hope that you’ll join us to be a part of our wonderful and meaningful singing project this month and are asking you, your family or your class to:

  • film a clip of you singing, or singing and signing, any part of this song and upload so that we can make a video to share on our YouTube Channel
  • Read our  Cumbria Sings Recording Guidelines
  • share photos of you involved in activities that help improve your mood and any top tips you have for combatting anxiety or low feelings, so that we can help others by sharing them across Cumbria
  • You can upload your responses here before 10 February

Visit our Midweek Music Activity page to find all the help you need to be part of this fabulous Cumbrian project.


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Our indebted thanks to Susan and Adam Sinclair of One More Song for writing such an engaging song for children’s mental health during the 2020 pandemic. In their words

“This song enables us to recognise and accept how we are feeling and acknowledges the importance of sharing our feelings with someone we know and trust”. Thank you all for taking part and joining us during this difficult time to help each other in Cumbria.