Recovery Curriculum

We are focusing on the Recovery Curriculum, and the ways we can support young people through music after a year of disruption and uncertainty.

In the words of the DfE, a high-quality music education can improve self-confidence, behaviour and social skills as well as improve academic achievement across the curriculum. Music can also improve relationships, community spirit and creativity so it is an essential subject to include in the school recovery curriculum.

Cumbria Sings

Cumbria Sings brings together children, families and schools from all over Cumbria to join in our songs, and be part of our online videos.  We had a wonderful response to our  first song ‘It’s Ok (Please Just Say)’. We are inviting you to join in the second part of our Cumbria Sings Trilogy, featuring a song called ‘Wish’. As we come out of lockdown what are your wishes and dreams?


This term we take you on a journey through music from the 1950s right through to 2000. Our teachers have created a series of lessons designed for the Recovery Curriculum, packed full of creative tasks to support and encourage wellbeing and working together.

Cumbria Music Service Recovery Package

Find out more about how music is essential to the Recovery Curriculum, and how CMS can help your school with a special Recovery Curriculum Music Package and free Online Musical Instrument Demos from our teachers.

Cumbria Youth Orchestra and Choir

We are pleased to begin welcoming back our young musicians in line with government recommendations. Join us now to rediscover the excitement of creating live music with other young musicians.