Cumbria Sings: It’s OK

Cumbria Sings February 2021

Schools and families across Cumbria have joined our Music Hub Staff this month to share their tips for wellbeing during lockdown, and to join in our #CumbriaSings song ‘It’s Ok (Please Just Say)’.

You’ve shared your singing, signing and sock puppets which we’ve put together in this fantastic video which we hope will help others through this difficult time.



You also shared lots of drawings, photos and wellbeing tips, which you can watch in our Gallery Slideshow:




Thank you to Susan and Adam Sinclair of One More Song for writing such an engaging song for children’s mental health during the 2020 pandemic. In their words:

“This song enables us to recognise and accept how we are feeling and acknowledges the importance of sharing our feelings with someone we know and trust”. Thank you all for taking part and joining us during this difficult time to help each other in Cumbria.