Big Sings

Our massed singing events for KS1 & 2 are an annual highlight, giving schools the opportunity to perform their own songs to a full audience and to work together to present a musical with live band from BlueJam. This year we’d like to thank the wonderful actors from Dowdales School for their involvement in The Tempest.

June 2018 marked the end of five months of music events in South Cumbria and Furness – 16 in total: Big Sings, Little Big Sings and the Big Play. 75 Tempest & Myro workshops. Sell-out concerts at The Forum, Barrow, Coronation Hall, Ulverston and Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal. Approximately 2,500 fabulous participants.



KS2 The Tempest – Prospero is a magician. He and his daughter Miranda have been marooned on a desert island for twelve years, after Prospero’s brother Antonio betrayed him. Now, Prospero uses his magical power to cause a mighty tempest, bringing a passing ship and its passengers onto the rocks. Among the survivors are Antonio and other treacherous characters, all of whom are brought to justice, after plenty of mischief has taken place!

KS1 Myro the Musical – a charming musical about Myro the Microlight, the smallest plane in the world. He moves from the UK to Australia, meeting lots of new animals and making friends with other aircraft. The story is about new experiences and friendships and was written by a British author Nick Rose, who has written a number of children’s books based around the characters in the musical. Visit for more information.