Cumbria Sings for Christmas

Join us for a new opportunity for ‘community collectiveness’ and be a part of our Christmas video – ‘Believe’ from Polar Express. We’d love your class, or star soloists, to get involved.

Throughout 2021 Cumbria Sings brought together children, families and schools from all over Cumbria in our songs and online videos, with a wonderful response to our three songs so far – ‘Celebration’, ‘Wish’ and ‘It’s Ok (Please Just Say)’.

This term we’ve chosen ‘Believe’ from Polar Express to spark imagination and creativity in your young singers and share a valuable message about believing in things you can’t see; don’t let others judge you and believe in what you wish, whether that be a childhood story, love or faith.

Singing is one of the most positive forms of human activity, supporting both physical and mental health. Our voice reflects our mood and general wellbeing and creates strong positive emotions. We’d like to help create a nostalgic feeling for others in the community at this very special time of year.

Get involved:

  • Register with us to access the song resources; we’ve provided an accompaniment, as well as a single line melody track that you can use to help with your recording
  • Video your performances
  • Upload by Friday 3rd December to be part of this very special festive project
Register for Resources