Big Sing Musicals

Our Big Sings have become an annual event in the S Lakes and Furness areas and schools look forward to taking part in these mass singing performances.


The children get to experience performing in a real theatre, with a live band, fronted by Jilly Jarman from Blue Jam. To make each musical come alive we have young actors narrating and acting the speaking parts that link the songs together and tell the story. For 2017 we’re staging:


KS1 Myro the Musical – a charming musical about Myro the Microlight, the smallest plane in the world. He moves from the UK to Australia, meeting lots of new animals and making friends with other aircraft. The story is about new experiences and friendships and was written by a British author Nick Rose, who has written a number of children’s books based around the characters in the musical. Visit for more information.
KS2 The Tempest – an adaptation of the famous Shakespeare play with some fantastic dramatic music that helps to tell the tale of betrayal, forgiveness and magic! The songs that the schools will sing are varied and will give the children something theatrical and humorous to sing