New online chamber music course for teachers

Pro Corda, the UK’s leading chamber music organisation, is collaborating with London-based tech startup, MusicGurus, to create a series of four online video courses. The new material is aimed at teachers aiming to launch, or already running, chamber ensembles of any instrumentation and ability.

The online video courses are suitable for use by any music teacher and, according to Pro Corda, will ‘galvanize their coaching to allow them to nurture and then grow an ensemble from the very beginning stages to beyond the rehearsal room, and eventually the concert platform’.

Building creative small ensembles, the first course in the series, is taught by Andrew Quartermain, CEO and Artistic Director of Pro Corda, and Annabel Thwaite, award-winning pianist and Director of Junior Courses at Pro Corda.

This course is designed for music teachers who want to further promote the magic of small ensembles in their own schools, building and challenging the existing ensemble ethos with Pro Corda’s innovative and proven ideas. A small ensemble can be a string quartet, a piano trio, wind and brass, or almost any configuration of instruments that come together without a great deal of reportoire written for them.

Course leaders share a ‘tool-kit’ of ideas, rangng from improvisation, to Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Alexander Technique and more advanced and detailed chamber music awareness. Pro Corda emphasises the all-round value of chamber music, which ‘develops the skills of negotiating, leading and repsonsibility, which are all essential in evolving the complete person in all walks of life’.

As part of the course there is an optional short assignment. Those who successfully submit a completed assignment will receive a certificate of course completion signed by the cellist and Pro Corda patron, Julian Lloyd Webber.

Building creative small ensembles costs £99 including VAT and is available online from MusicGurus’ website.